Pallet truck

Pallet trucks, also known as pallet forklifts, are transportation vehicles that mainly transport pallets. Pallet trucks include manual pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks, as shown in Figure 6-28. Pallet trucks are small in size and light in weight. They are mainly used for loading and unloading operations in the area. They are mostly used for loading and unloading at the warehouse receiving and receiving stations or in situations where stacking is not required between various processes in the workshop.
Pallet trucks have two fork-like legs that insert into the bottom of the pallet. There are two small-diameter running wheels at the front end of the inserting legs to support the weight of the pallet. When working, the fork is inserted into the pallet, and the handle is shaken up and down to make the hydraulic jack lift the fork, and the pallet or container is lifted off the ground. Then it is driven manually or electrically to move it. After the goods are transported to the destination, the handle is lifted and the goods are lifted. The fork drops and the tray is lowered.
The turning radius of manual trucks is small, and the load capacity is generally 1500~3000kg. When using double-sided pallets, the fork length should be greater than the pallet length. The running road requires good flatness, otherwise it will affect the safe lifting height, handling efficiency and operability.
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