Safety operating procedures for electric pallet trucks

1.1 Operators must undergo special training before operating and abide by these safe operating procedures!
1.2 It is strictly prohibited to operate under the influence of alcohol. Smoking, eating, and chatting while driving are not allowed.
2.Be careful before working:
2.1 Before work, check the battery storage capacity and whether the braking, steering, horn, hydraulic system and other devices are sensitive and reliable. It is strictly forbidden to operate with faults. When the battery is insufficient, it should be replenished in time.
3. Do the following seriously in your work:
3.1 During loading and unloading operations, it is strictly prohibited to adjust machine parts or perform maintenance work;
3.2 When starting, maintain an appropriate starting speed and should not be too violent. During walking, it is not allowed to pull the direction switch to change the driving direction. When changing the running direction, you should wait until the vehicle comes to a complete stop to prevent burning out and damage to electrical components. gear;
3.3 When driving, it is strictly forbidden to make sharp turns at high speeds. When driving on wet or slippery roads, the steering should be slowed down and drive carefully on slopes; turning on slopes is strictly prohibited, otherwise there is a risk of overturning;
3.4 When starting, check whether there are people or obstacles around you. When driving within the factory area, the speed must not exceed 10 kilometers per hour. The speed of entering and exiting the factory door, workshop, and warehouse door shall not exceed 5 kilometers per hour, and the speed in the workshop and warehouse shall not exceed 5 kilometers per hour;
3.5 Manned operation is strictly prohibited, and overloading operations are strictly prohibited. The center of the cargo should be in line with the center of the vehicle body. Unbalanced loading is not allowed. When handling large-volume cargo, the cargo blocks the line of sight, and the forklift should reverse and drive at a low speed;
3.6 Pay attention to the voltmeter voltage of the electric forklift. If it is lower than the limit voltage, the forklift should stop running immediately.
4. Do it carefully after work
4.1 Charge the electric forklift in time after the work is completed. All fire sources are prohibited around the charging place.
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