The benefits of electric and battery-powered forklifts

Wondering if a battery-powered forklift is the best fit for your business? Here are just some of the benefits of electric forklifts that might be of advantage to you:
Lower running costs over time
Because battery-powered forklifts don’t require frequent refuelling, the only additional costs you’ll have once you’ve purchased your electric forklift is the price of electricity for each charge (electric trucks do also need servicing just as frequently as a gas or diesel forklift). For gas and diesel, certain safety restrictions apply to keep fuel on-site, which can also add on an additional cost.
Suitable for enclosed environments
Emissions are a serious concern with engine-powered vehicles, and forklifts are no exception. Bad for the environment and the health of workers in enclosed spaces, a diesel forklift isn’t suitable for working inside, especially when little ventilation is available. By comparison, electric forklifts have no issue with emissions. They run smoothly without any potential health concerns to employees from fumes or chemical reactions, making them perfectly suited for use in even the most enclosed of spaces. Many models also offer higher levels of manoeuvrability, making them ideal for tight corners and more cramped warehouses.
What environments are best suited to electric and battery-powered forklifts?
Any environment where emissions from traditional forklifts would be an issue is the perfect match for electric forklifts. Whether it’s an enclosed warehouse or a refrigerated unit, battery-powered forklifts are capable of working in many different environments. They’re also ideal for workplaces where requirements are continually shifting and changing. Many of the models from JUKILIFT are also just as capable for use in external environments provided the ground is relatively flat.
While workplaces where consistent heavy-duty loads may not be best suited to an electric-only fleet, combining a few battery-powered forklifts with larger petrol or diesel models can provide the versatility needed for enhanced productivity. Electric forklifts and electric pallet trucks  are also well suited for smaller spaces and retrieving unwieldy items in addition to standard pallets, making them multi-purpose in just about any warehouse, factory or manufacturing plant.

Post time: 2023-08-02 15:30:16