What are the procedures and precautions for stacker crane storage

What are the procedures and precautions for stacker crane storage? Then the main purpose of the stacker is to operate in the passage of the automated three-dimensional warehouse, to store the goods located at the tunnel entrance into the cargo compartment, or to take out the goods from the cargo compartment and transport them to the tunnel entrance. 

The first step is to turn on the stacker. The stacker operates normally under continuous strikes. Before each operation, the stacker will be checked by itself. The stacker will automatically end the row and check all positions and the four photoelectric switches on the loading platform. Are all lights on? If there is no abnormality, it will enter the "standby" state, indicating that the self-test has been passed and the host computer can be connected to the network. The host computer issues a connection command, and the stacker's networking light is on, indicating that the networking is successful and the stacker is controlled by the host computer. .

In the second step, after the host computer sends the warehousing operation address, the stacker begins the loading operation. When the goods unit is put into storage, it is transported to the storage station by the conveyor system. The goods are scanned and read using the barcode identification system. The information carried by the barcode label is read in and passed to the central server. The control system determines whether or not it is based on the information returned by the central server. When the warehousing and cargo location coordinates can be determined, a warehousing instruction containing the cargo location coordinates will be sent to the execution system. The stacker will store the goods in the designated cargo compartment through automatic addressing. After completing the warehousing operation, the stacker returns the operation completion information to the control system and waits to receive the next operation command.

In the third step, after the stacker completes the warehousing operation, the control system simultaneously returns the operation completion information to the central server database for warehouse management.

Based on the above aspects, the stacker must pay attention to the following matters when placing objects:

1. When the stacker is connected to the Internet, people cannot walk in the tunnel. In special circumstances, when you must walk in the tunnel, you must walk on the left side. If you encounter a protruding situation, you can use your body or other objects to block the operation of the infrared stacker. The stacker crane stops urgently.

2. When the stacker is operating, do not stand under the cargo space where goods are picked up or placed to prevent the machine from ejecting the goods and causing an accident.

3. The stacker can only reach the startup state under special circumstances such as maintenance. Otherwise, the machine is not allowed to be online for a long time.
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