What industries would benefit most from electric forklift technology?

Many industries would benefit from investing in electric forklift technology, but these are just a few of the sectors that could get the most out of bringing in a battery-powered fleet of forklifts:
Retail and ecommerce
With variable loads, around-the-clock requirements and fast retrieval now the standard for the average retail or ecommerce warehouse, electric forklifts provide the solution. As part of a picking and packing workflow, businesses can have multiple forklifts and rotate the charging pattern so they always have trucks ready to work, minimising downtime.
Construction and manufacturing
While engine-powered forklifts are the best fit for heavy-duty loads and external environments, builder’s yards and manufacturing plants can benefit from the addition of a smaller, nippier electric forklift. With models capable of lifting up to 5 tons in the JUKILIFT range, electric forklifts are more formidable than ever before. Not to mention, they meet all health and safety compliance for internal working environments, allowing for use just about anywhere in your facility.
Warehouse storage
Quickly and easily storing pallets and loads onto shelving and into containers is practical and straightforward with modern electric forklifts. What makes these models even more suitable is the downtime these kinds of environments often have, allowing for full charges without the inconvenience of investing in additional batteries. Combined with electric pallet trucks, an electric forklift can provide the complete warehouse storage solution.
Is an electric or battery-powered forklift the right fit for my business?
So, is an electric forklift the best fit for your business? As someone who deals with workflow and operations every single day, you likely already know the specific needs and problems within your company. If you need a boost in productivity, with a solution that’s emissions-free and suitable for your working environment, then battery-powered might be the way to go. Capable of lifting anything from 1.3-5 tons, the JUKILIFT 7 Series range would be an excellent fit for many businesses.
Capable of improving workflows, enhancing existing business practices and complying fully with safety and environmental requirements, electric forklifts are the way of the future. As more and more businesses look to phase out engine-based models, there’s never been a better time to invest in new technology for your business – before the rush. With battery technology and additional features improving every day, it will come as no surprise that electric forklifts are here for the long run; so why not enhance your workflow and embrace productive technology today?
To find out more about the full range of JUKILIFT electric battery-powered forklifts, view our catalogue online today. Or contact us to discuss how an electric forklift might be the perfect fit for your business.


Post time: 2023-08-02 15:34:09